Let's answer some FAQ's

How much does the LobbyStore cost?

You can have the LobbyStore in your hotel for free. You only have to provide a little bit of space and a power outlet.

Do I have to train my employees to run the LobbyStore?

No! The LobbyStore is an all Inclusive solution. We take care of everything from maintenance to customer service, so your employees can fully focus on their work.

Which products are in the LobbyStore?

We have a wide range of products from beverages and snacks, to toothbrushes and condoms. We continually adjust the assortment, to make the perfect LobbyStore for your specific guests.

Can guests use the LobbyStore during nighttime and weekends?

Yes! The LobbyStore provides your guests with everything they need 24/7.

How can I get started?

Just contact us here +41 31 528 17 56 or hello@lobbystore.ch so we can talk about setting up a LobbyStore in your hotel.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The LobbyStore is just too good to be true by nature.

LobbyStore Illustration
LobbyStore Cabinet
LobbyStore Illustration